Softmaster® ROE 2 incl. RS232 online card

Product number: 602201


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Product number: 602201
Application: Reverse osmosis plants with 1 conductivity measurement
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Product information "Softmaster® ROE 2 incl. RS232 online card"
Controller Softmaster® ROE 2 with RS232 online card
Performance profile:
- 8 potential-free relay outputs for two pumps, programmable function
output, inlet valve, outlet valve, flushing valve, by-pass valve and error
message output
- Output for metering pulse
- 8 inlets for concentrate surveillance, emergency operation (by-pass)
and external motor protection switch, water deficiency message,
overpressure message, motor protection, storage tank FULL/EMPTY,
system stop
- 2 inputs for water flowmeter
- 12 V power supply for water turbine
- 4-20 mA input for a pressure transducer
Breite: 35 cm
Gewicht: 4,6 kg
Höhe: 21 cm
Länge: 43 cm
Ursprungsland: DE
Zolltarifnummer: 85371010