0-130 °C, hole diaphragm, PT1000 - Variopin pH electrode - combination electrode JUMO tecLine HD (201021/10-12-11-18-120/841)

Product number: 800074
Product information "0-130 °C, hole diaphragm, PT1000 - Variopin pH electrode - combination electrode JUMO tecLine HD (201021/10-12-11-18-120/841)"
The JUMO "Heavy Duty" pH electrode records the pH value of water and aqueous media. The rugged industrial electrode is designed for the most demanding applications with increased dirt and toxic loads as well as oily media.

  • stable and reliable 
  • measured values low maintenance and robust
  • extended service life

Selected version:
  • PT1000 temperature sensor
  • VarioPin electrode head (always required for versions with temperature sensor)
  • Hole diaphragm
  • Insertion length 120mm (standard)
  • Type code (can also be found on your electrode): 201021/10-12-11-18-120/841

for industrial applications; also in heavy-duty and hygienic version for demanding processes; integrated temperature sensor

Application range:  
process measurement; high temperature applications; suspensions; electroplating; lacquers; waste water; ultrapure water; water; always contaminated media; hygienic and sterile applications; boiler feed water 

If you require other versions of this electrode, please use our configurator and configure the suitable electrode for you. You can download the JUMO data sheet just below our text. You will find our configurator on page 6 of the data sheet. Please note that the delivery time for freely configured electrodes is 5 to 6 weeks.
Technical specifications
Active part: High-temperature (HT) glass, highly alkali-suitable
Temperature range: 0 to 135°C (depending on diaphragm)
Pressure range: up to 13 bar
Electrode head: N-screw head (S8) Pg 13.5 thread or VarioPin (VP) plug-in head Pg 13.5 thread
Temperature sensor: without, Pt100 or Pt1000 depending on choice
Fitting length: 120 or 225mm (if you require the 225mm version please use our configurator)
Diaphragm: large-area PTFE ring diaphragm or perforated diaphragm