Those who opt for consulting have knowledge and can therefore clearly recognise when it is time to call in competent help. We have been working in the field of process water for decades. One of our main areas of expertise is water constituents and their effects. We deal with well water, drinking water and tap water as well as the production of ultrapure water. Originally, Gebr. Heyl Vertriebsgesellschaft came from the field of measuring, control and regulation technology (MSR) components for all process water issues. We have therefore long been involved in both disinfection technology (ozone, UV, chlorine dioxide) and plant technology - systems that ensure water quality. It is hardly surprising that in the meantime we have acquired not only profound theoretical knowledge but also solid practical experience. With this expertise as a basis, we can offer what you need to achieve the desired results from your measures. Together with your expertise in your sector, we want to ensure that you take the safest route on the "water side". Our spectrum can be described quite simply.

We ...

... analyse, 

... evaluate, 

... document, 

... argue (also economically), 

... develop effective solutions, 

... make recommendations for action, 

... accompany your tender, 

... check the technical accuracy of offers, 

... conduct and accompany the technical discussions. 

And last but not least: we validate your process!