Water treatment plants

HeylNeomeris as a supplier of water treatment systems in outpatient clinics, including under-counter systems in laboratories and doctors' surgeries.

As a water purifier, we are particularly known for disinfection and ultrapure water technology. Our latest solution is particularly suitable for demineralized water requirements in laboratories and for doctors' surgeries to ensure that equipment and instruments are available at all times. With a demineralized water requirement of up to 50 litres/hour, our new system concept perfectly complies with the required limit values in accordance with guidelines 17 and 18 of the DGSV's Hygiene, Construction and Technology Committee in the smallest of spaces. Hygiene and disinfection are important core objectives for every surgeon. The measurement of silicates and conductivity are components of our smart solution. We support you in determining demineralized water requirements and in smooth integration as a system supplier. Trouble-free operation and the sustainable condition of equipment and instruments are essential for an efficient process flow.

Modular cabinet system

Under-counter system