Basic pH pocket tester (PH 1)

Product number: 880835
Product information "Basic pH pocket tester (PH 1)"

Main features

  • LCD display
  • Display of calibration points
  • Stability display
  • pH value measurement / pH measuring range: 0 ... 14 / 1... 2 calibration points /
  • 1...2 calibration points


Height 5 cm
Length 23 cm
Width 6 cm


Weight 160 g

Other attributes

Country of origin IT
Customs tariff number 90278930
Parameter pH
Technical specifications
pH measuring range: 0 ... 14
Resolution: 0.1
Relative accuracy: ± 0.1
Points of calibration: 1...2
Buffer auto recognition: 3 technical buffers (US standard)
Calibration points indication:     Yes
Stability measurement indication: Yes
Auto off: YES, after 8 min. not used
Display: LCD
IP Protection: IP 67
Battery life:     > 300 Hrs
Replaceable sensor: No

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