JUMO AQUIS 500 pH - transmitter/controller in surface-mounted housing, 1x 0(4)-20mA / 0(2) to 10V output, AC/DC 20 to 30V power supply

Product number: 800053
Product information "JUMO AQUIS 500 pH - transmitter/controller in surface-mounted housing, 1x 0(4)-20mA / 0(2) to 10V output, AC/DC 20 to 30V power supply"
Version 2: stock version: type 202560/20-888-000-310-000-23/000 ; part-no. 00480050
The unit is used for measuring/controlling the pH-value, the redox-voltage or the NH3-(ammonia)-concentration. The function can be switched directly on the unit. Depending on the measurand, combination electrodes (e.g. pH/redox combination electrodes, gas-sensitive sensors) or separate versions (glass/metal electrodes with separate reference electrode) can be connected. The second input variable is the temperature measurement, which can be carried out with a Pt 100/1000, for example. Automatic temperature compensation is thus possible for the measured variables pH value and NH3. The units are operated via clear keys and a large LC graphic display. This display enables good readability of the measured value. The display of the parameters in plain text makes configuration easier for the operator and supports correct programming of the unit. The modular design of the unit allows it to be adapted to the requirements of the application. Up to four outputs are available.

Special features 
  •  direct switching option for pH value, redox voltage or NH3 (ammonia) concentration
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Large LC graphic display with backlighting
  • Display selectable: large digits, bar graph or tendency display
  • Solderless connection technology - Calibration options depending on measurand one/two/three-point calibration
  • calibration logbook
  • Impedance measurement can be activated for pH measurement
  • Asymmetrical and symmetrical connection of pH sensors
  • Possibility of connecting pH ISFET sensors through integrated output for sensor power supply
  • Protection class IP67 for surface mounting, protection class IP65 for control cabinet mounting
  • User languages switchable German, English, French; further languages can be loaded via setup program
  • Through setup program: convenient programming, system documentation, reloading of further user languages
Selection Matrix & Technical Specifications

Selection Matrix:



Basic type

Output 1

Output 2

Output 3

Output 4

Power supply


Extra codes

Panel mounting

Surface-mounted housing

analogue, 0(4) to 20 mA ref. 0(2) to 10V

analogue, 0(4) to 20 mA ref. 0(2) to 10V

Relay with switch contakt

Relay with switch contakt

AC 110 to 240 V

AC/DC 20 to 30 V

Variant 1




Variant 2






Variant 3







Variant 4




Variant 5






Variant 6





according to type sheet, please inform us of your request

Technical Specifications:


Main input

Measuring range/Regulation range


Temperature impact

pH value

-1 to +15 pH

£ 0,3 %

0,2 %/10 K

ORP voltage

-1500 to +1500 mV

£ 0,3 %

0,2 %/10 K

NH3 (Ammonia)

0 to 9999 ppm

£ 0,3 %

0,2 %/10 K

Side input


Temperature Pt100/1000 (automatic detection)

-50 to +250 °Ca

£ 0,5 °C

0,05 %/10 K

Temperature NTC/PTC

max. 4 kW Input via table with 20 value pairs

£ 0,3 %b

0,05 %/10 K

a Switchable to °F.

b Depending on the support points.

Temperature compensation

Measured variable



pH value


-30 to +150 °C (from software version 212.11.02)

-10 to +150 °C (until software version 212.11.01)

ORP voltage



NH3 (Ammonia)


-20 to +50 °C

pH antimony


-10 to +80 °C

a Observe the operating temperature range of the sensor!

Measuring circuit monitoring


Underrange / Overrange

Short circuit

Wire break

pH value




NH3 (Ammonia)




pH antimony








a During pH measurement, the sensor can be monitored for short-circuits and line breaks by activating impedance measurement.

Impedance measurement

The impedance measurement can be activated optionally.

Since it is dependent on some boundary parameters, the following points must be observed:

  • Only glass-based sensors are permitted.
  • The sensors must be connected directly to the transmitter. 

It is not permissible to use an impedance converter in the measuring circuit! 

  • The maximum permissible cable length between sensor and transmitter is 10 m. 
  • Liquid resistances are directly included in the measurement result.

It is therefore recommended to activate the measurement in liquids from a minimum conductivity of approx. 100 µS/cm.

Binary Input


by potential-free contact


Key lock


Alarm suppression


Regulator type

Limit comparators, limit controllers, pulse width controllers, pulse frequency controllers, three-point stepping controllers, continuous controllers

Regulator structure



Dynamic resolution up to 14 bit

Sampling time

500 ms

Analoguee Outputs (max. 2)

Output type

Signal range


Temperature impact

permissible load resistance

Power signal

0/4 to 20 mA

£ 0,25 %

0,08 %/10 K

£ 500 W

Voltage signal

0 to 10 V

£ 0,25 %

0,08 %/10 K

£ 500 W

The analogue outputs behave according to the recommendation of NAMUR NE43. 

They are galvanically isolated, AC 30 V / DC 50 V.

Switching outputs (maximum two changeover contacts)

Nominal load

3 A/AC 250 V (resistive load)

Contact lifetime

>2 × 105 switches at nominal load

Electrical Specifications:

Power supply

AC 110 to 240 V; -15/+10 %; 48 to 63 Hz

AC/DC 20 to 30 V; 48 to 63 Hz

DC12 to 24 V; +/-15 % (Connection only permitted to SELV/PELV circuits)

Power consumption

approx. 14 VA

Electric safety

DIN EN 61010, Part 1

Overvoltage category IIIa, Pollution level 2

Data backup


Electrical connection

Screw terminals

Wire cross-section max. 2.5 mm2 (Power supply, relay outputs, sensor inputs)

Wire cross-section max. 1.5 mm2 (analogue outputs; supply ISFET)

a Not valid for protective extra-low voltage of the power supply variant DC 12 to 24 V.




Wire feed

Wire glands, max. 3 × M16 and 2 × M12)

Special Feature

Venting element to prevent condensation

Environmental temperature range

(Accuracy specifications are adhered to in this range)

-10 to +50°C

Operating temperature range (Function of the unit is given)

-15 to +65°C

Storage temperature range

-30 to +70°C

Climate resistance

rel. Humidity £ 90 % annual average without condensation (based on DIN EN 60721 3-3 3K3)

Protection classes according to EN 60529

Surface-mounted housing: IP67 Panel mounting: front IP65, rear IP20

Swinging proof

according to DIN EN 60068-2-6


Surface-mounted housing: approx. 900 g Control cabinet installation: approx. 480 g


See type sheet

Approvals/Mark of conformity

Mark of conformity

Test centre

Certificates/Test numbers

Test basis

applies to

c UL us

Underwriters Laboratories

E 201387

UL 61010-1

all variants