LAB2B Ozone Generator

Product number: 850410


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Product number: 850410
GTIN: 4260682385536
Our comment: When the ozone generator is delivered, an English operating manual is included.
Product information "LAB2B Ozone Generator"

The LAB2B is a corona discharge type ozone generator with variable ozone output up to 10 g/h ozone in oxygen and 4 g/h ozone using dried air. 

The air-cooled ozone generator is enclosed in an compact desktop housing for bench use. 


  • Research and development 
  • Education 
  • Laboratories 

Technology and how it works

The Ozone generator LAB2B is built in a small desktop housing with air cooler, especially suited for laboratory application. The instrument consists of operation displays, flow meter for the feedgas and a controller for the variable power adjustment. The ozone output is adjustable via a rotary knob at the font side of the housing. The LAB2B can be operated with oxygen or dried air.Ozone is produced when oxygen containing gas is passed over the ceramic dielectric of an ozone generating module. The module is powered by a high voltage/high frequency power board.The ceramic dielectric is housed within a finned heat sink block which is air cooled by fan assisted atmospheric air. 

Technical features 

  • Variable ozone production up to 10 g/h 
  • Operating method: vacuum or pressure (10psi max.) 
  • Illuminating switches indicating ozone production and faults 
  • Ozone generating module cooling medium: ambient air (fan assisted) 
  • O&M manual including performance graphs 
  • Feedgas: oxygen or dried air 
  • Dimensions: (LxWxD): 230 mm x 300 mm x 160 mm 
  • Connections: PVDF compression fitting to suit 8 mm pipe / tube 
  • Flowmeter: 2-10 l/min 
  • Enclosure: 316 mild steel, epoxy-coated 
  • Ozone generating module: 316 stainless steel electrode assembly inside a ceramic dielectric tube 

Remote controls and signals

  • Ozone ON-OFF: green illuminator switch 
  • Fault: red illuminator switch 

Power supply

230 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Gewicht: 7,8 kg
Länge: 26 cm, 47 cm
Ursprungsland: GB
Zolltarifnummer: 84051000
Technical data
Ozone output1: 4.0 g/h (0.14 lb/h)
Ozone output2:10.0 g/h (0.35 lb/h) 
Feed gas flow rate: 4-10 l/min (2-5 l/min oxygen) 
Variable output control: 15-100 % 
Power supply: 230V/1ph/50Hz or 115V/1pH/60Hz
Power Consumption: 105W

(1) feed gas: dry-air-60°C dewpoint
(2) feed gas: 100% oxygen