N-FLASH10 Conductivity meter in T-piece, 0-10 μS/cm with 2 LEDs, battery-operated, max. 60°C

Product number: 851004
Product information "N-FLASH10 Conductivity meter in T-piece, 0-10 μS/cm with 2 LEDs, battery-operated, max. 60°C"
Capacity measurement ion exchanger cartridge

Our Neomeris N-FLASH10 conductivity meter in a T-piece with 3/8 inch connection is a conductivity measuring instrument that is used to monitor the electrical conductivity of water after flowing through the ion exchanger cartridge. 
The measuring instrument including the integrated measuring cell is battery operated and permanently installed in the T-piece. If the measured electrical conductivity is below the limit value of 10µS/cm, the green LED flashes; if it is above, the red LED flashes, indicating that a cartridge or resin change is required. Due to the T-piece used, the measuring device can also be integrated very easily and is optimally installed in the liquid flow for a stable measurement. 

Measuring principle: 
The measuring cell generates an electrical signal that is proportional to the conductivity of the liquid. This signal is processed in the device and the LED is controlled via the programming stored in the device. 

Conductivity meters are often used in water treatment plants in the process industry.

Technical data:
Screw-in thread: 3/8"; others available upon request
Material housing: POM black
Material lid: Plexiglas
Material electrodes: V4A 4571
Material O-ring: EPDM
Cell constant: C= 0.6 +/- 10%
Max. Operating pressure: 6 bar
Max. Operating temperature: 60°C
Temperature sensor: without

LED green <10μS/cm
LED red >10μS/cm


Height 6,5 cm
Length 3,5 cm
Width 3,5 cm


Weight 66 g

Other attributes

Country of origin DE
Customs tariff number 90278930