N-LF420 0-2µS conductivity meter with 4-20mA output, LED display and 3/4 inch screw-in thread

Product number: 880683


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Product number: 880683
GTIN: 4260682387998
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Product information "N-LF420 0-2µS conductivity meter with 4-20mA output, LED display and 3/4 inch screw-in thread"

High-quality conductivity meter for conductivity monitoring

Our innovative conductivity meter has been specially developed for monitoring conductivity in ultrapure water (demineralised water) and has a 4-20 mA signal output that enables easy integration into higher-level control systems.The measurements are temperature-compensated, which ensures greater accuracy. With a measuring range of 0 to 2 µS/cm, our device is particularly suitable for monitoring low conductivities, such as those typically found in mixed-bed ion exchanger cartridges. The limit value is displayed by means of 2 LEDs (green/red) on the top of the device. An acrylic glass cover ensures that the current status is immediately visible.

The device has a ¾ screw thread, which can be customised for easy and safe installation. There is also the option of customisation in terms of the LEDs, including the measuring range and a private label.

Our high-quality conductivity meter offers a reliable solution for conductivity monitoring in medical areas to fulfil the guidelines and recommendations of the DGSV.

Our measuring device is also particularly suitable for mixed bed cartridge monitoring in the clinical environment.

Standard LED configuration (1 green LED, 1 red LED):

<0.5 µS/cm = green

>0.5 µS/cm to <1.0 µS/cm = green/red flashing

>1 µS/cm = red


Height 18 cm
Length 20 cm
Width 8 cm


Weight 300 g

Other attributes

Country of origin EU
Customs tariff number 90278930
Technical data:

Technical data:

  •         Measuring range: 0 - 2 μS/cm / according to customer requirements
  •         Temperature compensation: Linear 2.2 % / K, reference temperature 25°C
  •         Accuracy conductivity: +/- 5% of the maximum full scale value
  •         Accuracy temperature: +-1.0 °C
  •         Limit value display: Optical via LED
  •         Analog output: 4-20 mA = 0-2 μS/cm
  •         Connection cable: 5 metre
  •         Power supply: 24 VDC +-10%
  •         Power consumption: < 2.5W
  •         Screw-in thread: 3/4" / according to customer requirements
  •         Housing: POM (polyoxymethylene)
  •         Vision panel: PMMA (acrylic glass)
  •         Electrodes: stainless steel 1.457
  •         Dimensions: Diameter 60 mm x 60 mm (top) / 100 mm (total)
  •         Gaskets electrodes: EPDM, 28 x 3 mm
  •         Gasket housing: EPDM, 50 x 2 mm
  •         Application limits: P max: 6 bar; T max: 50 °C
  •         Protection class: IP 65*