Testomat 2000® ClO2 Reagents A and B 500 ml

Product number: 156265


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Product number: 156265
GTIN: 4260682384379
Measurement parameters: chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
Measuring range: chlorine dioxide: 0.00 – 4.70 mg/l
Application: Testomat 2000® ClO2
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Product information "Testomat 2000® ClO2 Reagents A and B 500 ml"

The 500 ml-bottles of original Testomat 2000® Reagenz CIO2 A/B bottles can be used immediately in the Testomat 2000®® CIO2 without cumbersome filling and refilling.

Measuring range:
chlorine dioxide (ClO2): 0.00 - 4.70 mg/l