Testomat® LAB OLED display module for measured value visualization

Product number: 37764
Product information "Testomat® LAB OLED display module for measured value visualization"
  • 256x64 2,8", yellow
When the device is switched on with the display plugged in, the installed software version is displayed during the boot process. This  allows you to visually check the current software version after a software update. 
After a measurement has been completed, the measurement result is  shown in the selected display unit. The display value is retained until the end of the next measurement and is then updated to the new measured value. 
If a fault occurs during the last measurement, the display shows “xx x x x selected display unit”. If it is a temporary fault, the Alarm function key flashes at the same time (see Temporary faults in the manual). 
In this case, the device will start a new measurement once the programmed analysis interval has expired.
If the error is still present, the indication on the display remains and  the Alarm function key remains illuminated. In this case, no further measurements are made during programmed analysis interval and the device switches to standby mode. If the fault is no longer present, the measurement result is shown on the display once the measurement has been completed and the device switches back to normal operating mode. 


Height 4,3 cm
Length 13 cm
Width 7 cm


Weight 250 g

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Country of origin EU
Customs tariff number 90278990