Testoval® pH-value 8-12 kit

Product number: 410616
Product information "Testoval® pH-value 8-12 kit"
Color comparison kit for the rapid manual analysis of pH-value of water range pH 8 - 12.
The individual values
  • 8 mg/l
  • 8.5 mg/l
  • 9 mg/l
  • 10 mg/l
  • 11 mg/l
  • 12 mg/l 
... can be read by visual color comparison. In addition to the reagents a color comparison device for easy determination of concentration is included in the supply.
Number of analysis: approx. 250


Height 11,5 cm
Length 20 cm
Width 7 cm


Weight 350 g

Other attributes

Country of origin EU
Customs tariff number 38221900

We recommend our refill pack, as well as our colour comparison device if required.

Refill pack: Reagents for TESTOVAL® PH-VALUE 8-12
Product number: 410617
Refill pack: One set of reagents for TESTOVAL® PH-VALUE 8-12   Reagents for the rapid manual analysis of pH-value of water range pH 8 - 12.1 set reagentsfor approx. 250 analysesMeasuring time: approx. 1 minute

Testoval®Colour Comparator pH-value 8-12
Product number: 410618
Replacement color comparator without cuvette, for fast manual analysis of the pH value in water in the range pH 8 to 12.The individual values 8 mg/l, 8.5 mg/l, 9 mg/l, 10 mg/l, 11 mg/l and 12 mg/l can be read by optical color comparison. Only the color comparator for simple concentration determination is included in the scope of delivery.Measuring time: approx. 1 minuteAlso in our assortment: 1 set of Testoval pH 8-12 reagents for approx. 250 analyses: order no. 410617 Complete test set Testoval pH 8-12: Order no. 410616