Titromat® M1

Product number: 110150


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Product number: 110150
Measurement parameters: Carbonate hardness: CaC03
Measuring range: 0.89 – 17.9 ppm ; 0.09 - 1.8 °f (resolution: 2 °f)
Application: residual alkalinity after decarbonisation (boiler houses, brewery)
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Product information "Titromat® M1"
The Titromat® M1 is used for the automatic determination and monitoring of carbonate hardness at low hardness measuring ranges. 

Titromat® KH, M1, M2 and TH are based on the instrument technology,the performance features and the basic technical data of Testomat 2000®.
  • Corrosion monitoring in boiler feed water
  • Residual alkalinity after decarbonization (e. g. in breweries)



Weight 10,5 kg

Other attributes

Country of origin DE
Customs tariff number 90278990
Technical specifications
Power consumption: max. 30 VA
Protection class: I
Protection: IP 65
Dimensions (W x H x D):     380 x 480 x 280 mm
Operating pressure: 1 bis 8 bar / 1x105 bis 8x105 Pa Oder 0,3* bis 1 bar / 0,3x105 bis 1x105 Pa 
Weight: approx. 9,5 kg
Menu Language: German, English, French
Measuring range:0.89 – 17.9 ppm ; 0.09 - 1.8 °f (resolution: 2 °f) 

We recommend our reagents, as well as the following accessories

Titromat® TC 2010 Reagent A 500 ml
Product number: 155172
The 500 ml-bottles of original Titromat® TC 2010 Reagent A can be used immediately in the Titromat M1 without cumbersome filling and refilling. Measuring range: Carbonate hardness: 0.89 - 17.9 ppm CaC03 0.09 - 1.8 °f (resolution: 2 °f)

Titromat® TC 2010 Reagent B 500 ml
Product number: 155173
The 500 ml-bottles of original Titromat® TC 2010 Reagent B can be used immediately in the Titromat M1 without cumbersome filling and refilling.   Measuring range: Carbonate hardness: 0.89 - 17.9 ppm CaC03 0.09 - 1.8 °f (resolution: 2 °f)

Connection Set for Testomat 2000® / ECO / EVO / LAB
Product number: 40187
In diesem Anschluss-Set ist alles enthalten, was Sie für den schnellen Anschluss des Testomat 2000®- oder Titromat®-Gerätes benötigen.   Inhalt: 5 m Kunststoffrohr PE 6/4x1,blau 2 m Ablaufschlauch di = 12 mm 1 Kugelhahn, PPSV 011223W 1 Reduzier-Verbinder 10 auf 6 mm 1 Reduziernippel 3/8"-1/2"

outlet hopper cpl. T2000/ECO
Product number: 40315

Current Interface SK 910
Product number: 270305
Plug-in card for a current interface, suitable for Testomat 2000® and Titromat® instruments.   Technical Data output current: 0-20mA or 4-20mA maximum load: 500 Ohm galvanic isolation   Usable in following devices: Testomat 2000®, Testomat 2000® CAL, Testomat 2000® CLF, Testomat 2000® CLT, Testomat 2000® CrVI, Testomat 2000® DUO, Testomat 2000® Fe, Testomat 2000® SO3,  Testomat 2000® Self clean, Testomat 2000 THCL®, Testomat 2000® CLO2, Testomat 2000® Br2  

Service Set Testomat 2000®, Testomat ECO®, Titromat®, Testomat® EVO TH
Product number: 270360
This service kit contains all the spare parts for the regular maintenance of Testomat 2000®, Testomat ECO®, Titromat® or Testomat® EVO TH instruments.   Content: 1 T2000 gasket kit 2 30x3 sight glass 1 flow regulator cores 3 stoppers for measuring chamber 1 valve kit for injection pump 1 filter screen for intake 19.5 d x 25 3 different pipes 1 cleaning brush set