Ultrasone watermeter ARAD Sonata

Product number: 896210


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Product number: 896210
GTIN: 4260682388742
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Product information "Ultrasone watermeter ARAD Sonata"
The Sonata device is an advanced and highly accurate ultrasonic water meter for home use.
The Sonata's dual pulse output provides high resolution consumption readings.
Each of the two independent digital output channels can be configured to best match the data resolution required by the utility programme.

Special features:
  • 2 pulse outputs
  • Each pulse output can be set to forward / backward
Technical specifications
  • Electronics & battery sealed
  • Cable length: 1.3m
  • Environmental operation: min. -20°C / max. +60°C
  • Storage: min. -20°C / max. +70°C
  • Degree of protection: IP68
  • Lifetime: 12 years*
  • Configurable - pulses per 1/10/100/1000 litres
* Test condition: Sonata 3/4"; Q3=4m^3/h constant; Pulse width = 100 mSec; Pulse resolution = 10 litres per pulse

Pulse interface:
The pulse output of the Sonata has a cable with 4 wires colour coded as follows:
Cable: Red+Orange ; function: Output no. 1
Cable: Black+Brown ; function: Output no. 2

Output features:
Output type: Bi-Directional Solid State Relay
On-resistance max.: 35 ()
Minimum pulse width: 10 (mSec)
Load current (AC/DC): 12 (mA)
Total power dissipation max.: 800 (mW)
Max. Mains voltage AC/DC: 36 (V)