emec LOTUS MINI 20 - Chlorine dioxide generator

Product number: 896620


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Product number: 896620
GTIN: 4068823014501
Our comment: Maximum production capacity: 20 g per hour of chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
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Product information "emec LOTUS MINI 20 - Chlorine dioxide generator"

The LOTUS MINI system is a device for the production, dosing and monitoring of chlorine dioxide for the disinfection of water and is available as a system with a capacity of 8 g/h (192 g/day) and as a system for up to 20 g/h (480 g/day). Chlorine dioxide is produced by the acid-chlorite process from diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl 9%) and sodium chlorite (NaClO2 7.5%).

Chlorine dioxide production by LOTUS MINI can be controlled according to the flow rate of the water or according to a predefined setpoint.

No chlorine dioxide is stored or saved, so neither chlorine dioxide gas nor concentrated solutions are produced outside the process application.

LOTUS MINI is designed so that chlorine dioxide is generated in a special reaction chamber. Safety is ensured by multifunction valves at the injection points in the reaction chamber. The starting chemicals are stored in tanks and fed into the reaction chamber via suction lances. Integrated fill level sensors stop the pumps automatically when the tanks are empty.

The Lotus Mini system is equipped with the following components:

  •        The Lotus control unit
  •        Dosing pumps for HCI (red) and NaCIO2 (blue)
  •        A pump for dilution water (grey)
  •        3SEFL flow sensors to ensure increased safety
  •        An MFKT/V multifunction valve that regulates pressure and safety and acts as an antisiphon and drain valve
  •        A reaction chamber
  •        Injection valves
  •        2 suction lances


  •        Reaction under atmospheric pressure
  •        High stability of the chlorine dioxide solution
  •        No loss of CIO2 due to closed reaction chamber
  •        Use of diluted chemicals


  •        Immediate CIO2 production
  •        Proportional CIO2 dosing
  •        Flow monitoring input (flow alarm)
  •        Tank level monitoring (level alarms)
  •        Water meter connection
  •        Standby input
  •        Real-time production data
  •        Monitoring of pumps and flow sensors (SEFL)
  •        Continuous data storage with system data log (logbook in the menu)
  •        ERMES communication
  •        mA output
  •        Display of the next service date
  •        Optional USB data protocol
  •        Optional Ethernet module
  •        Optional internal GSM/GPRS modem


  •        CIO2 concentration: 2g/l
  •        Dosing pumps for HCI (red), NaCIO2 (blue) and dilution water (grey)
  •        3 SEFL control sensors for monitoring pump dosing
  •        MFKT/V multifunction valve for pressure and safety, as antisiphon and drain valve
  •        Reaction chamber made of PVC
  •        Housing made of ASA (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer)
  •        Protection class IP65 (NEMA4x) for the LOTUS control unit and pumps
  •        Rotary control for easy programming
  •        Operating temperature: 0/45°C (32/110°F)


Height 65 cm
Length 80 cm
Width 120 cm


Weight 30 kg

Other attributes

Country of origin IT
Customs tariff number 90318080
Technical data

Technical data:

Lotus Mini 8

Lotus Mini 20

Max. Production capacity CIO2 (g/H)



Max. Production capacity CIO2 (g/day)



Max. Operating pressure (bar)



Max. water inlet pressure (bar)



Max. Chemical consumption (l/h)





Concentration (g/l)


Power supply

230 VAC (190/265 VAC)

115 VAC (90/135 VAC

Max. Energy consumption




Service set

emec LOTUS Service-Set
Product number: 896836
Service set LOTUS A/MINI 8 / 20 for annual maintenanceconsisting of: 2 dosing heads VIS pumps acid/sodium chlorite - 4x6 (PVDF+FP+CE)2 PTFE diaphragms type A/I/J, VIS pumps acid/sodium chlorite1 pc. Dosing head VIS pump water dilution - 4x6 (PVDF+FP+CE)1 PTFE diaphragm type PCS/K, VIS pump water dilution3 pcs. non-return valve ½" (PVDF+FP+CE) 0.3 bar5 O-ring FPM for hose connection 1/2"1 pc. MFKT/V - 4x6 Multifunction valve (chlorine dioxide)1 pc. Injection valve 1/2" - 4x6 (PVDF+FP+CE+C276)2 pcs. service set FPM red/blue for suction lances LASP42 m dosing hose 4x6 PVDF10 m suction hose 4x6 PVC