JUMO insertion resistance thermometer with 90° angled connection cable, stainless steel protection tube

Product number: 802062


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Product number: 802062
GTIN: 4068823016277
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Product information "JUMO insertion resistance thermometer with 90° angled connection cable, stainless steel protection tube"

Type: 902150/40-397-1003-1-6-60-11-2500/317
  •  Temperature measuring range: -50 ... +350 °C / Metal mesh
  •  Measuring insert: 1x Pt 100 in two-wire circuit
  •  Installation length: 60 mm
  •  Cable length: 2500 mm
  •  Tolerance class: Class B (standard)
  •  Thermowell diameter: 6 mm
  •  Wire end ferrules
  •  Extra code: Shielded connecting cable
  •  Available as single and dual resistance thermometers
  •  Available in straight and angled versions to meet different installation requirements.
  •  Flexible connection cables
  •  Strain relief to protect against mechanical stress
  •  Meets SIL and PL qualification standards for maximum safety
  •  Optional kink protection

Areas of application:

  •  Laboratory technology
  •  Climate cabinets
  •  Solar systems
  •  Heating, air conditioning, ventilation
  •  Apparatus engineering

The insertion resistance thermometer offers precise temperature measurement in both liquid and gaseous media. The wide range of variants makes it ideal for various applications in industrial environments.
This thermometer ensures reliable performance in dry and damp rooms and enables accurate temperature measurements. The robust design and flexible configuration options ensure precise temperature monitoring.



Other attributes

Anschlussleitung Metallgeflecht
Customs tariff number 90251900
Einbaulänge in mm 60 mm
Messeinsatz 1x Pt 100 Zweileiterschaltung
Schutzrohrdurchmesser 6 mm
Temperaturbereich -50°C ... +350°C
Technical data

Electrical data:

Electrical connection / connection element

- Connection cable with bare stripped cable end

- Connection cable with tinned connection wires

- Connection cable with wire end ferrules

- Connection cable with M12 plug connector

- Connection cable with multipole plug connection

Environmental influences:

Reliable ambient temperature of the connection cable    

- PVC - 5 to + 80°C

- Silicone - 50 to + 180°C

- PTFE -50 to + 260°C

- Metal braiding -50 to + 260°C

- Glass fibre -50 to + 400°C

Mechanical properties:

Materials Insulation material Connection cable


- silicone

- Metal braiding

- Glass fibre

Protection tubes:

stainless steel

Connection cable:


Protective tube diameter:          

- Ø 3 mm

- Ø 4 mm

- Ø 5 mm

- Ø 6 mm

Response times:             

DIN EN IEC 60751

- 1x Pt100 in two-wire circuit

- 1x Pt100 in three-wire circuit

- 1x Pt100 in four-wire circuit

- 1x Pt1000 in two-wire circuit

- 2x Pt100 in two-wire circuit

- 2x Pt100 in three-wire circuit

- 2x Pt1000 in two-wire circuit

Tolerance class:

- Class B (standard)

- Class A

- Class AA