Ozonia Membrel MkV-K-2 - Electrolytic ozone generator, ozone output 2x 3-4 g/h, component system

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Product information "Ozonia Membrel MkV-K-2 - Electrolytic ozone generator, ozone output 2x 3-4 g/h, component system"

Ozonia* Membrel MkV ozone generation plant based on the catalytic water electrolysis process; suitable for sterilization and sanitization of ultrapure water in ring piping systems in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries

The plant consists of 1, 2 or 3 current-regulated electrolysis cells including electrode set (anode, cathode and solid electrolyte membrane) and an electric feeder. 

  • Ozone production per cell: 3-4 g/h 
  • Feed water flow per cell: nom. 100 l/h 
  • Feed water conductance: < 20 μS/cm 
  • Operating pressure: max. 6 bar 
  • Electrical power per cell: 460 W/ 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz 
  • Ozone power setting: 8-100%
  • Control functions (floating): System ON/OFF; control and set point LOCAL/REMOTE supply ON/OFF /collective alarm 
  • Control function (4-20 mA): electrolysis current for ozone production 

Component plant MkV-K consisting of: 
  • two electrolytic cells made of PVDF / titanium / stainless steel (316L) with temperature monitoring 
  • Connections feed water and ozone-strong water: TriClamp TC25 ID 6 mm n. DIN 32676-A 
  • Connections hydrogen and waste water: SERTO for pipe 10 x 1 mm for installation in the pipeline bypass (flow meter and control valve to be supplied by the customer) 
  • Electrical power supply unit with power supply, controller unit and emergency battery in IP 54 stainless steel housing, 0.50 m connection cable for electrolysis cells

*Trademark of Veolia; may be registered in one or more countries.


Height 50 cm
Length 80 cm
Width 60 cm


Weight 57 kg

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