Testomat 2000® Br2

Product number: 100526


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Product number: 100526
GTIN: 4068823005097
Measurement parameters: Bromine Br2
Measuring range: 0.00 – 5.60 mg/l Resolution: 0.02 mg/l (ppm) in the range 0 – 2.23 mg/l (ppm) Resolution: 0.2 mg/l (ppm) in the range 2.3 – 5.6 mg/l (ppm)
Application: Monitoring of disinfectant dosing
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Product information "Testomat 2000® Br2"
The process photometer Testomat 2000® Br2 is an analytical instrument for online monitoring of the content of bromine (Br2) in the measuring range of 0 - 5.6 mg / l (ppm).

Performance profile:
  • Analysis via automatic dosing of two reagents
  • The analysis result is displayed after a reaction time of approx. 1 min. (Measuring time without rinsing time)
  • 2 independently programmable limit contacts for monitoring and control tasks
  • Menu-driven operation and programming via plain text display
  • High-precision titration using a piston dosing pump
  • Analysis initiation:
    • Automatic interval operation
    • (Interval pause adjustable from 0–99 min)
    • External control
    • Dynamic (fatigue-dependent interval operation)
    • Quantity dependent via contact water meter
  • Two independent limits with hysteresis (1, 2 oder 3 bad analyzes) and adjustable switching functions
  • Monitoring of two measuring points (Switching by external solenoid valves)
  • programmable service address
  • Internal error documentation
  • Programmable maintenance interval for maintenance request



Other attributes

Customs tariff number 90278990
Technical specifications
Power consumption: max. 30 VA
Protection class: I
Protection: IP 65
Ambient temperature: 10–45 °C
Water temperature: 10–40 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D):     380 x 480 x 280 mm
Operating pressure: 0,3–8 bar
Weight: approx. 9,5 kg
Menu Language: German, English, French
Measuring range: 0.00 – 5.60 mg/l Resolution: 0.02 mg/l (ppm) in the range 0 – 2.23 mg/l (ppm) Resolution: 0.2 mg/l (ppm) in the range 2.3 – 5.6 mg/l (ppm)

We recommend our reagent set, as well as the following accessories

Testomat 2000® Bromine reagent set
Product number: 156295
Original Testomat 2000® Bromine reagent set The original 500 ml bottles can be used immediately for Testomat 2000® Br. Monitoring the content of bromine (Br2) in the range of 0 - 5.6 mg/l (ppm).    

Connection Set for Testomat 2000® / ECO / EVO / LAB
Product number: 40187
In diesem Anschluss-Set ist alles enthalten, was Sie für den schnellen Anschluss des Testomat 2000®- oder Titromat®-Gerätes benötigen.   Inhalt: 5 m Kunststoffrohr PE 6/4x1,blau 2 m Ablaufschlauch di = 12 mm 1 Kugelhahn, PPSV 011223W 1 Reduzier-Verbinder 10 auf 6 mm 1 Reduziernippel 3/8"-1/2"

outlet hopper cpl. T2000/ECO
Product number: 40315

Current Interface SK 910
Product number: 270305
Plug-in card for a current interface, suitable for Testomat 2000® and Titromat® instruments.   Technical Data output current: 0-20mA or 4-20mA maximum load: 500 Ohm galvanic isolation   Usable in following devices: Testomat 2000®, Testomat 2000® CAL, Testomat 2000® CLF, Testomat 2000® CLT, Testomat 2000® CrVI, Testomat 2000® DUO, Testomat 2000® Fe, Testomat 2000® SO3,  Testomat 2000® Self clean, Testomat 2000 THCL®, Testomat 2000® CLO2, Testomat 2000® Br2