Water treatment system as an under-counter system for outpatient clinics, incl. UV system and pyrogen filter

Product number: 900601


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Product number: 900601
GTIN: 4068823017106
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Product information "Water treatment system as an under-counter system for outpatient clinics, incl. UV system and pyrogen filter"

Suitable components / spare parts / accessories

NeoTecMaster® - 5 inch in IP 66 housing as a 4-channel system, preconfigured to accept up to 8 incoming 4-20 mA signals, one R232 signal and Modbus signal, can be optionally enabled for 8 channels
Product number: 851096
Our 4- or 8- channel system allows the processing of up to four or eight measurement signals. For this purpose, 4-20 mA/ RS232 as well as Modbus RTU are available as signal inputs. Based on the received data a visualization as well as a trend display takes place. Through modular addition of optional modules (slaves) the realization of popular control concepts is possible.Advantages:Simple operation Integration of the Testomat® device world Integration into the existing control cabinet, alternatively we offer our NeoTecMaster® housingModular function range expandable by NeoTec slave modules (measure, control, control)Available as installation variant or structure variant Contents: NeoTecMaster® 5 inch - 4 channel systemNeoTec Slave 4-20mA module (inputs: 8x 20mA)NeoTecMaster® IP66 housing for 5" display, light grey with front foilUSB stick for NeoTecMaster® 8GInstallation of NeoTecMaster® in housing incl. parameterisation and cabling of the NeoTecMaster®Universal power supply 24V/6A DC (100-240V AC) (144 Watt)

CINTROPUR UV2100 3/4″ + 1″
Product number: 896450
Version: UV 2100 3/4″+1″
Water sterilisation by UV irradiation The development of water sterilisation using UV radiation has made considerable progress in recent years due to its simplicity and efficiency. The UV-C rays generated, which are significantly more intense than sunlight, are therefore used to disinfect water in order to counteract water contamination. They make it possible to remove legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses and protozoa while respecting the environment. The irradiation process is therefore an ideal solution for killing microorganisms in water and helps to make it drinkable from a bacteriological point of view. However, it is important to note that water is only considered drinking water once the chemical parameters have been checked and deemed satisfactory.  Applications - Origin of the water Rainwater: UV treatment extends the range of applications and offers increased safety during use Well water: Avoidance of possible contamination by pathogens Tap water: UV treatment extends the area of application and increases safety. Spring water, surface water: Guarantees constant water quality that is flawless from a bacteriological point of view. Storage water in containers (caravan, boat...): Use of stored water for sanitary purposes.  Areas of application General nutrition, bath and shower Cooking Large-volume refrigerators Cold water fountains Aquarium Cleaning food  Advantages  Quick and easy installation Completely physical sterilisation through UV radiation Natural water treatment without additives and without the risk of chemical overdose No unpleasant taste or odour Effective methods for combating microorganisms that cause disease in humans No toxic by-products Low maintenance

Product number: 896455
Version: 25W
Product description: UV lamp 25W / 40W for Cintropur UV2100 / UV4100 flow-through fitting. The 25W / 40W UV lamp is an essential accessory for the Cintorpur UV2100 / UV4100 flow-through fitting, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety when disinfecting water. With its powerful 25 / 40 watt output, this lamp ensures reliable and thorough disinfection of the water. Outstanding features: Annual replacement required: To ensure constant and effective disinfection of the water, it is mandatory to replace the UV lamp once a year. This ensures that the lamp always provides optimum performance and ensures reliable disinfection. Continuous operation around the clock: The UV lamp is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This continuous use enables constant sterilisation of the water, which is particularly important in environments with high hygiene requirements, such as companies, clinics or farms. Protection from moisture and fingerprints: To ensure the longevity and efficiency of the lamp, it is essential to protect it from moisture and fingerprints. This can be achieved by proper installation in the UV2100 / UV4100 flow-through fitting as well as regular cleaning and maintenance. Effective disinfection through UV technology: UV light is known for its effectiveness in killing bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms in water. The UV lamp utilises this technology to ensure thorough, reliable disinfection of the water and provide os with a safe water supply. UV lamp 25W: Insert for UV2100 and TRIO UV 25W UV lamp 40W: Insert for UV4100, DUO-UV and TRIO-UV 40W

Silicate filter cartridge T808 SiO2 for changing the double pump head
Product number: 270344
Dear customers, please note that the calibration of the Testomat® 808 SiO2 can only be carried out with silicate-free water. Therefore, please use the silicate filter cartridge specially developed for this purpose when replacing the double pump head (art. no. 40395) and the associated pump adjustment.The cartridge filled with the special resin is inserted into the sampling line of the unit before the inlet and removed again after the adjustment. The pump replacement instructions describe the use of the silicate filter, storage conditions and shelf life. After the first use, the filter can be used up to 10 times within one year for balancing. After one year, the filter must be disposed of.

N-LF5R, 0-5 µS conductivity measuring instrument with integrated 3/4" screw-in measuring cell
Product number: 851075
measuring range: 0-5 μS/cm | potential-free relay contact: with
Conductivity meter for conductivity monitoring Our innovative conductivity meter was developed specifically for monitoring the conductivity of aqueous solutions. With a measuring range of 0 to 5 µS/cm, our device is particularly suitable for monitoring low conductivities, which are typically used in the following processes:  Mixed bed cartridgesdemineralisationReverse osmosis (2-stage)EDI (electrode ionisation) The limit values are indicated by means of digital displays with 2 preset limit values and 2 LEDs (green/red) for visualisation. The device has a screw-in thread of ¾", which can be customised for easy and safe installation. There is also the option of customised versions with regard to the measuring range and a private label.            Added value Operation at 9 V DC via supplied plug-in power supply unit 1 potential-free relay with switchable mode of operation of relay control Limit value display optically by means of LEDs 

Testomat® 808 SIO2
Product number: 100660
Operating pressure: 1 - 4 bar | Performance/execution: 230 V/50-60 HZ
The Testomat® 808 SIO02 is a device that was developed for measuring and monitoring deionised water (fully demineralised water) in medical facilities.   The central importance of silicate monitoring  Silicate measurement using the Testomat® 808 SIO02 is an essential aspect of compliance with a defined limit value. Precise silicate monitoring is particularly important in process water treatment in hospitals in order to prevent deposits on devices and medical devices (MD) and to ensure the effectiveness of the water treatment systems. You can choose between 10 limit values in the range from 0.3 to 1.2 ppm. By regularly monitoring the silicate content and compliance with the limit values, potential problems can be identified at an early stage and suitable measures can be taken to optimise water treatment.

Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent A - 500 ml
Product number: 141808
500 ml-bottle of original Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent A for monitoring the level of SiO2 in the water. The bottles of original Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent can be used immediately in the instrument without cumbersome filling and refilling.   Measuring range: Silica SiO2: 0.3 - 1.2 ppm  

Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent B - 500ml
Product number: 141809
500 ml-bottle of original Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent B for monitoring the level of SiO2 in the water. The bottles of original Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent can be used immediately in the instrument without cumbersome filling and refilling.   Measuring range: Silica SiO2: 0.3 - 1.2 ppm  

Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent set, reagents A 100 ml & B 100 ml
Product number: 140808
100 ml-bottles of original Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent Set A+B for monitoring the level of SiO2 in the water. The bottles of original Testomat® 808 SIO2 Reagent can be used immediately in the instrument without cumbersome filling and refilling. Measuring range: Silica SiO2: 0.3 - 1.2 ppm  

Service kit Professional for 2-year maintenance Testomat® 808 SiO2
Product number: 890612
Service set contains:2 x sight glasses 30 x 33 x flat gasket 24 x 21 x insert for screw cap & suction tube 100 ml bottle1 x insert for screw cap & suction tube 500 ml bottle1 x double pump head conversion kit1 x gear motor2 x Hose connector1 x Cleaning brush set Important: After replacement, the pump must be recalibrated in Testomat® 808 SiO2.The adjustment is available from firmware version T808_83-003. Carry out a firmware update for older versions before performing the adjustment! (Serial number less than 253.061)For this calibration, it is important that you use water with a silicate content of 0 ppm, otherwise the zero point calibration will be incorrect and lead to false measurement results.To ensure this, please use the silicate filter cartridge specially developed for this process for the T808 SiO2, article 270344.(For additional information and instructions on the equipment you need for the software update, please refer to the operating instructions. The instructions "Replacing the pump head on Testomat® 808 SiO2" are also available)

Repair- and service case Testomat® 808 SiO2
Product number: 270343
Contents: 1 x 37570 Solenoid valve complete Testomat® 808 2 x 37580 Insert with screw cap and suction tube 100ml bottle 1 x 37859 double pump head Testomat® 808     1 x 31972 SUB-D null modem cable, 9-pin, 2 x socket, 3m     4 x 37579 Insert with screw cap and suction tube 500ml bottle     2 x 40050 Magnetic stirring core 4 x 37538 Tube adapter Testomat® 808     4 x 40157 Angle screw-in connector, G1/8"-6     2 x 37543 Pipe, PE, D=6 d=4 L=53mm     2 x 37544 Pipe, PE, D=6 d=4 L=140mm     6 x 40170 Viewing window 30x3     6 x 31595 Fuse solder-in, TR5, T0,1A     6 x 31592 Fuse solder-in, TR5, T1,0A     6 x 31584 Fuse, solder-in, TR5, T0.2A 6 x 31585 fuse, T0,315A     8 x 33797 O-ring 3,68 x 1,78     8 x 31666 Fuse G-, 5x20mm, T4A     8 x 33777 Flat gasket 24x2 EPDM 70     4 x 33253 Screw M3x40, A2, DIN 965     8 x 33246 pan-head screw M3x12 DIN 7985H A2     8 x 11264 O-ring 4.5 x 1.5     8 x 11245 O-ring 1,78x1,78     1 x 32286 Adapter USB > Serial -length 1.1 meter     1 x 32287 Cleaning brush set     1 x 37498 USB stick with software tool for T808 and maintenance manual     2 x 37621 Dosing needle Testomat® 808 completeTranslated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Annual service set professional Testomat® 808 SiO2
Product number: 890611
Contains:  2 x Sight glass windows 30x33 x Flat gasket 24x2 EPDM 601 x Bottle insert for screw cap and push-fit suction tube, 100 ml bottle1 x Bottle insert for screw cap and push-fit suction tube, 500 ml bottle1 x brushes set