Are you familiar with this phenomenon?

Your instruments, washer-disinfectors and sterilisers are literally suffering the consequences of poor process water quality in the AEMP:

  • ·         Limescale deposits
  • ·         Pitting corrosion
  • ·         Silicate deposits
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And that is expensive. Clinics with such high losses of instruments and frequent new purchases due to damage are jeopardising their sustainability goals. This is a bitter pill to swallow at a time when more and more facilities are emphasising the economical use of resources.

Poor quality deionised water therefore damages the instruments, harms sustainability and incurs considerable costs. But there is an even greater risk: patient safety.

Ensure safe instruments with the right water treatment in the AEMP and in outpatient clinical settings.

This is how water reprocessing works today: Visit our seminar series on sterile processing and find out why water reprocessing in accordance with DIN EN 285 is no longer state of the art.

In our seminars, we at HeylNeomeris impart the latest state of knowledge and technology in a practice-orientated manner, based on the recommendations of DGSV 17 and 18 from the Technical Committee for Hygiene in Construction and Technology.

Our speakers: Experts in the field of water treatment and instrument science with many years of experience in and from the field of sterile processing.

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