HyMo-Box Sterilisation Check

Product number: 896007
Product information "HyMo-Box Sterilisation Check"
Our HyMo-Box "Sterilisation Check" enables you to carry out microbiological validation and routine checks of your steam sterilisers in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17665 standard and the European Pharmacopoeia*.
With the help of the bioindicators from the HyMo-Box, you are able to check the proper functioning or sterilisation performance of your steam sterilisers and thus ensure the hygienic safety of the tools you use.
You can use the bioindicators for devices of all makes, e.g. for vertical stand-alone autoclaves, horizontal table-top and stand-alone autoclaves or pass-through autoclaves.
The RODAC plates supplied also enable you to examine the environment, such as work surfaces, for low germ levels by means of a swabbing procedure. Other surfaces such as shelves or the hands of your staff can also be checked in this way to identify weak points and adjust your cleaning and disinfection plans. This is how you ensure a permanently low-germ environment.
* European Pharmacopoeia, 10th edition, basic edition 2020, Deutscher Apotheker Verlag

Scope of delivery HyMo-Box Sterilisation Check
  • 20 RODAC plates for the examination of surfaces
  • 4 bioindicators with spores of the test germ Geobacillus stearothermophilus
  • 1 transport control of the bioindicator
  • 1 waterproof pen
  • 1 bottle of hand disinfectant
  • 1 cooling element
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Sampling plan


Height 19,8 cm
Length 28,5 cm
Width 22 cm


Weight 2,19 kg

Other attributes

Country of origin EU
Customs tariff number 38210000

Additional quantitative evaluation

Option - HyMo Box Quantitative Evaluation
Product number: 896013
Additional quantitative evaluation of the 20 RODAC test plates incl. detailed report for HyMo-Box.

Option - HyMo Box Quantitative Evaluation XL
Product number: 896014
Additional quantitative evaluation of the 40 RODAC test plates incl. detailed report for HyMo-Box XL.