JUMO ecoLine CR-PVC, K=0.1, PT100, step collar PVC Ø32/DN25, PVC body, cell material stainless steel 1.4571

Product number: 800345
Product information "JUMO ecoLine CR-PVC, K=0.1, PT100, step collar PVC Ø32/DN25, PVC body, cell material stainless steel 1.4571"
  • 2-electrode principle
  • proven versions for industrial use 
  • measuring ranges 0 ... 1 mS/cm (K = 0.1) or 0.01 ... 15 mS/cm (K = 1.0) 
  • temperature range up to 55 °C, maximum pressure up to 6 bar at 25 °C 

JUMO ecoLine CR-PVC conductive 2-electrode conductivity sensor

Brief description: 
Conductivity sensors of the 202923 series are used, for example, in general water technology, cooling and air-conditioning systems, drinking and bathing water, or in industrial rinsing and process water circuits. 

The body material PVC limits the application to medium temperatures up to 55 °C. Two versions with cell constants K = 0.1 or 1.0 are available. Versions with the common thread sizes G 3/4" or G 1" or a plug-in version are available for installation. The plug-in version is used, for example, with the matching PVC tees in nominal sizes DN 25, 32 and 40 and allows the sensor to be quickly dismantled for cleaning or maintenance. 

The electrical connection is made either via a detachable device plug or via a fixed cable connection. The overall construction and the parts in contact with the medium are physiologically harmless. The electrode material is stainless steel (K = 0.1) or special graphite (K = 1.0). The optionally integrable temperature sensor allows simultaneous recording of the medium temperature for temperature compensation in downstream measuring amplifiers.

Stainless steel variant K = 0.1 
The sensor has 3 metallic pin electrodes. The two outer pins are electrically connected and form one pole of the 2-electrode conductivity sensor. The counter electrode is the middle stainless steel pin. This design achieves very high measurement precision with low stray fields. A temperature sensor can be integrated in the middle pin. 

Graphite variant K = 1.0 
For physical reasons, special graphite is used as the electrode material for higher conductance values. The two graphite electrodes are completely integrated in the electrode shaft. The optional temperature sensor is located in a stainless steel sleeve that is immersed in the measured medium. 

Operating principle
The sensors of the 202923 series are 2-electrode conductivity sensors. An AC voltage is applied to them by the transmitter. The current flowing across the liquid and the electrodes is determined by the conductivity of the liquid

Other attributes

Country of origin DE
Customs tariff number 90278930
Technischen Daten

Cell constant: K = 0.1 or K = 1.0

Typical measuring ranges: 0 ... 1.0 mS/cm (with K = 0.1)       0.01 ... 15 mS/cm (at K = 1.0)

Temperature compensation: optional with Pt100

Process connection: screw-in thread G 3/4A,    G 1A,    union nut DN 25 1 1/2" for PVC tees

Body material: PVC

Cell material: stainless steel 1.4571 at K = 0.1        graphite at K = 1.0

Operating temperature: up to 55 °C Maximum pressure: 6 bar at 25 °C

Electrical connection: device plug (Hirschmann) according to DIN EN 175301-803, protection class IP65 or fixed cable connection 5 m, (other cable lengths on request)

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