JUMO plastoSENS T04 - Contact-optimised plastic temperature probe with insulating cap and tube clip

Product number: 802043
Product information "JUMO plastoSENS T04 - Contact-optimised plastic temperature probe with insulating cap and tube clip"

JUMO plastoSens T04 Contact-optimised plastic temperature sensor

Type: 904004/10485-1005-1-018-112500/000

  • Measuring range from -40 to + 180 °C
  • Measuring insert: 1x Pt1000 two-wire circuit (standard)
  • Tolerance class: B (standard)
  • Surface shape: for pipe diameter 18 mm
  • Wire end ferrules
  • Connection length: 2500 mm
  • Extra code: without
  • Material: thermally conductive plastic
  • Protection class IP65
  • Simple installation without tools
The contact resistance thermometer enables the measurement of surface temperatures on pipes made of copper or stainless steel, for example, in order to draw conclusions about the temperature of the medium inside the pipe.

The JUMO plastoSens T04 are designed to fit the respective pipe diameter and to make full-surface contact with the pipe, thereby realising optimum heat transfer.

The accessories supplied, such as the pipe clip and insulating cap, offer you good protection against environmental influences such as draughts, as well as the option of tool-free installation. The insulating cap is made of a material with poor thermal conductivity in order to shield the temperature sensor as well as possible.

The pipe clip allows the temperature sensor to be attached to the pipe together with the insulating cap without tools, ensuring a firm and secure connection, which can also be removed if necessary.

A Pt1000 temperature sensor in accordance with DIN EN 60751:2009 / IEC 60751:2008 with a tolerance class B (F0.3) in a two-wire circuit is used as standard.

Other attributes

Customs tariff number 90251900
Messeinsatz 1x Pt 1000 Zweileiterschaltung
Oberflächenform für Rohrdurchmesser 18 mm
Temperaturbereich -40°C ... +180°C
Technical data

Temperature sensor dimensions:

Diameter: 8 mm

Length: 40mm

Height: 5.5 mm


Without accessories: e.g. cable ties, max. 5 mm wide

With insulating cap: e.g. cable tie, max. 6 mm wide

With insulating cap and pipe clip: no additional accessories required

Protection class:

IP65 according to DIN EN 60529

Response times:

For pipe diameters up to 22 mm or 1":

t0.5: < 5s

t0.63: < 6s

t0.9: < 15s

For pipe diameters from 22 mm or 1":

t0.5: <8s

t0.63: < 10s

t0.9: < 20s

Connection cable:

silicone, ambient temperature -40 to +180°C


cable ends with wire end ferrules