45 Liter Stainless Steel Mixed Bed Demineralization Cartridge Filled with Premium Resin

Product number: 896533


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Maximum capacity at 300 µS input water

Product number: 896533
GTIN: 4260682388216
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Product information "45 Liter Stainless Steel Mixed Bed Demineralization Cartridge Filled with Premium Resin"
  • VA-VE 13 Stainless steel demineralisation cartridge - 12 ltr. MB resin filling (⌀ 239mm)
  • VA-VE 20 Stainless steel demineralisation cartridge - 19 ltr. MB resin filling (⌀ 239mm)
  • VA-VE 26 Stainless steel demineralisation cartridge - 25 ltr. MB resin filling (⌀ 239mm)
  • VA-VE 30 Stainless steel demineralisation cartridge - 30 ltr. MB resin filling (⌀ 239mm)
  • VA-VE 46 Stainless steel demineralisation cartridge - 45 ltr. MB resin filling (⌀ 239mm)
  • VA-VE 50 Stainless steel demineralisation cartridge - 49 ltr. MB resin filling (⌀ 363mm)
  • VA-VE 60 Stainless steel demineralisation cartridge - 59 ltr. MB resin filling (⌀ 363mm)
  • VA-VE 100 Stainless steel demineralisation cartridge - 99 ltr. MB resin filling (⌀ 363mm)

Individual components and accessories

MB A6K4 "disposable quality" mixed bed resin (no VOC)
Product number: 896495
Packaging unit: Bag (25 litres)
MB A6K4 is a high capacity mixed bed ion exchange resin consisting of a mixture of strongly basic anion resin and a strongly acidic cation resin for direct water purification.The conductivity is about 0.06 µm/cm.Suitable for use in non-regenerable cartridges, high efficiency deionisation for silica removal and ultra pure water applications.Packed in 25 litre bagsPolymer matrix: gel polystyrene cross-linked with DVB.Ionic form, as supplied: H+ / OH-Physical shape and appearance: Spherical beadsSphericity: Min. 95%Particle size range (US Standard Screen): 1.25 - 0.315mm, wet.Particle size: +1.2mm < 5% ; -0.3mm < 1%Water retention H+: 45 - 50%Water retention OH-: 53 - 60%Shipping weight (approx.): 700-740 g/lMax. Temp. non-regenerative: 100°CMax. Temp. regenerative: 60°CpH-value range: 0-14Recommended operating conditions:Minimum bed depth should be 0.6m (24")Service flow rate should be 20-60 BV/hourProlonged exposure to strong oxidising agents such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and concentrated nitric acid will deteriorate the structural backbone of the resin and should be avoided.Mixture Resin:Anions: 60%Cations: 40%Purchase options:Single purchase - 25 ltr. (item no. 896495)1/2 pallet - 500 ltr. (Art.-No. 896496)1 pallet - 1050 ltr. (art.-no. 896497)

Content: 25 Liter (€6.08* / 1 Liter)

2x 750mm connection hose for stainless steel cartridges, 3/4" Verschr. - 3/4" Bogen mit Verschr.
Product number: 896519
Pressure hose length: 750mm
Variants:2x Connection hose PE13V34BV340750, pressure hose length 750mm2x Connection hose PE13V34BV341000, pressure hose length 1000mm2x Connection hose PE13V34BV341500, pressure hose length 1500mm2x Connection hose PE13V34BV342000, pressure hose length 2000mm

N-LF420 0-2µS conductivity meter with 4-20mA output, LED display and 3/4 inch screw-in thread
Product number: 880683
High-quality conductivity meter with a 4-20mA signal output for forwarding the measured value to a higher-level control system, for example. The measurement is temperature compensated and therefore offers you an accurate measurement result. Also here we have the possibility to offer you an individual design regarding the connection, the LEDs including the measuring range up to a private label. Due to the acrylic glass cover used, the light of the LEDs is widely scattered and the current LED status can be seen from a distance in darker rooms. Quality Made in Germany.Our measuring device is also particularly suitable for mixed bed cartridge monitoring in the clinical environment. Standard LED configuration (1 green LED, 1 red LED):<0.5 µS/cm = green>0.5 µS/cm to <1.0 µS/cm = green/red flashing  >1 µS/cm = red Technical data:Measuring range: 0 - 2 μS/cm / according to customer requirementsTemperature compensation: Linear 2.2 % / K, reference temperature 25°CAccuracy conductivity: +/- 5% of the maximum full scale valueAccuracy temperature: +-1.0 °CLimit value display: Optical via LEDAnalog output: 4-20 mA = 0-2 μS/cmConnection cable: 5 metrePower supply: 24 VDC +-10%Power consumption: < 2.5WScrew-in thread: 3/4" / according to customer requirementsHousing: POM (polyoxymethylene)Vision panel: PMMA (acrylic glass)Electrodes: stainless steel 1.457Dimensions: Diameter 60 mm x 60 mm (top) / 100 mm (total)Gaskets electrodes: EPDM, 28 x 3 mmGasket housing: EPDM, 50 x 2 mmApplication limits: P max: 6 bar; T max: 50 °CProtection class: IP 65*

N-LF5R, 0-5 µS conductivity measuring instrument with integrated 3/4" screw-in measuring cell
Product number: 851075
measuring range: 0-5 μS/cm | potential-free relay contact: with
Conductivity measuring instrument for measuring the electrical conductivity of aqueous solutions in the lower range by the integrated two-electrode screw-in measuring cell 3/4 inch without temperature compensation. Application examplesComplete desalination Reverse osmosis (2-stage)Mixed bed cartridges EDI (Electrodeionisation)Added value Operation at 9 V DC via supplied plug-in power supply unit 1 potential-free relay with switchable mode of operation of relay control Limit value display optically by means of LEDs Technical data Measuring range: 0 - 5 μS/cm Measuring accuracy: 2.5% of measuring range end value Resolution: 2 decimal places Limit value displays: Optical by means of LEDs, limit values adjustable between 0 and 100 % of the measuring range Limit value 1 preset to 1 μS/cm (relay contact) Limit value 2 preset to 0.5 μS/cm 1 potential-free relay contact, max. 2 A / 250 V AC, 60 W / 62.5 VA Power supply: 9 V DC via plug-in power supply unit 100 - 240 V AC Power consumption: approx. 1 W Protection class: IP 65 Housing: polycarbonate housing, 82 x 60 x 57 mm Connections: lateral connection for plug-in power supply and 1x relay output Measuring cell: ¾", PP, PN 6, Tmax. 60°C